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Not only from each of its rooms, but also in its daily commitment to improving sustainability and respect for the environment.

The mountains prompt us to commit ourselves strongly to the protection of the environment and the conservation of our little country’s natural heritage. A commitment which, in the past few years, we have succeeded in transferring to our management and operational procedures. The reforms initiated in the 2015/16 season – which involved the transformation of our rooms, buffet, hall, lounge bar, children’s mini-club, and, finally, of the spa and the fitness area – were also designed with a view to energy efficiency.

The reforms completed during the past four years have transformed the Park Piolets Hotel into a place that is much more sustainable, efficient and secure for the preservation of the environment.

During the summer of 2020, we have been able to bring you closer to nature right up to the hotel entrance. We have also changed our water filtration system at the Mountain Spa, so that you not only enjoy clean, germ-free water, but also benefit from the properties of the salts we use in the process.

Outdoor Park Piolets MountainHotel & Spa
Nature walks you to your front door

After works within the hotel, this year we will focus on our outdoors. We have created a natural garden that will bring nature closer to the hotel's entrance.
In addition, this new concept of Park Piolets entrance will allow us to prevent traffic in the area.

Sustainable water filtration in the hotel spa
A spa with crystal-clear water

Crystal clear waters at the Park Spa Mountain Wellness Club! We have replaced the water filtration system in the spa's pools and jacuzzis with a magnesium salt filtration system. This method is much more natural and healthier for our body. As no chemicals are used, the skin, the mucous membranes of the body and the eyes are not irritated. On the contrary, our body benefits from the properties of the magnesium salts during the bath.
The waters filtered with this method are relaxing, they soften the skin and hair, and as they penetrate through the dermis, they provide important benefits for muscles and tendons, as well as the immune system. Most importantly, in a completely natural way, this type of filtration is very effective in destroying bacteria and impurities in spas and pools.
This winter, you'll notice that our waters are crystal-clear!

Llumverda Park Piolets

Our rooms have new insulation and waterproofing to prevent loss of heat.

We have replaced diesel fuel with ECOTERMIA, a clean form of energy which is obtained from the process of cogeneration. This uses, as its raw material, natural gas, which is the fossil fuel with the smallest impact on the environment. Thanks to the Soldeu cogeneration plant, we obtain the necessary energy for our hot water supply and for heating, with the following advantages for the environment:

  • Reduced emission of greenhouse gases
  • A considerable reduction in losses of refrigerant into the atmosphere, in comparison with conventional systems
  • No risk of leaks from tanks.
  • Reduced noise and reduced vibrations
  • No visual impact, because this system leaves the rooftops completely free of smoke.

By reforming the Park Spa Mountain Wellness Club of Soldeu, we have succeeded in making the premises much more energy-efficient, with a marked reduction in the consumption of fresh water and electricity.


We were pioneers in offering our guests and customers two charging points for electric vehicles.
The renewed insulation of the hot water pipes and heating prevent unwanted losses of energy.
The new Park Spa Mountain Wellness Club has a modern filtration system called regenerative filtration. This involves a reduction of the amount of chloramines in the water and the complete elimination of the Cryptosporidium parasite (which is frequently present in areas of water). You will notice that the water is visibly much clearer. The water chlorination systems have also been modernised, by performing the chlorination with salt, which is a natural and ecological chlorine. The indoor Jacuzzi is chlorinated with magnesium salt, a form of chlorination which has great therapeutic properties (including benefits for the immune system, a strengthening of the bones, stabilisation of blood pressure, etc.).

Water from km. 0

We firmly believe in Km0 water. Water from a nearby network of drinking water, and which we filter just before serving it so as to obtain water with a low mineral content. This filtration process enables us to eliminate all odours or elements that could affect the taste. With Km0 water we simplify the logistics of getting the water on to the table (also reducing the CO2 produced by the transport) and the packaging (since we bottle it in reusable glass bottles immediately after filtering it).
We participate actively in the National Waste Plan (Pla Nacional de Residus, PNR) of the Government of Andorra, a national plan which aims to prevent waste and to encourage re-use and recycling. Notable actions in this field are: the separation of solid and organic waste (separate collection), the separation of cooking-oil, the introduction of a programme to combat the wastage of food, the reduction of packaging and the use of returnable glass bottles.

Local shopping
  • When purchasing, we give priority to local suppliers.
  • We prefer to purchase products in bulk, to avoid excessive packaging.
  • We favor the consumption of products that are natural, fresh and seasonal.
Raising our guests’ awareness

 We invite our guests to help us conserve the environment. By means of simple actions, such as re-using one day’s towels the following day if they are still clean, we play our part in this great project of respecting our natural environment.