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Andorra, a country for the most demanding palates

Our principality is proud to be a first-class gastronomic destination. If you like to discover the local cuisine when you travel and always take the opportunity to discover new flavours, you won’t be left wanting in Andorra.

But that's not all! If you’re passionate about wine, you will be pleased to know that our little country produces this precious commodity in vineyards located at altitudes of around 1,000 m.

Traditional Andorran cuisine is typical mountain fare, with calorific stew-style dishes that were once essential for coping with the low temperatures of the harsh Pyrenean winters. This means that some typical Andorran dishes can also be found in neighbouring regions such as the north of Catalonia or the south of France.
Some of Andorra’s most outstanding traditional dishes include:

  • Trinxat, made from boiled, mashed and fried potatoes and cabbage. It is typically served with well-done strips of fried cansalada (bacon).
  • Escudella, a hearty and nutritious soup made with homemade meat broth, veal shank and rib, chicken, pilotes (meatballs), pig's ear, black and white botifarra sausage, cabbage, carrots, beans, chickpeas, noodles... and hours over a low heat. In mid-January, almost all the parishes in Andorra celebrate the traditional festivals of Escudella de Sant Antoni (Canillo, Encamp, La Massana, Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany) or Sant Sebastià (Sant Julià de Lòria), the central event of which is the Escudellada Popular, which is open to all.
  • Cannelloni, pasta rolls stuffed with meat, coated in béchamel sauce and baked au gratin.
  • Spinach with nuts and dried fruit (raisins or pine nuts)
  • Chicory salad
  • Rice with seasonal mushrooms
  • Rabbit with tomato
  • Snails “a la llauna”, cooked on a charcoal grill and accompanied by a spicy sauce.
  • Wild boar civet with chocolate
  • Andorran-style trout
  • (...)

Enjoy the best grilled meats in the traditional bordes, cosy restaurants serving traditional Andorran cuisine in a rustic atmosphere that you will fall in love with. The bordes were formerly stone houses that sheltered animals in winter or where grain was stored. They have been restored and converted into restaurants where you can enjoy an unparalleled gastronomic experience.

Restaurant Borda in Andorra
The traditional cuisine of the bordes

Discover traditional Andorran cuisine in a unique setting. Small restaurants with a big personality where you can savour their chargrilled meats, game stews and rice dishes. Some of the most traditional bordes in Andorra include: La Borda Raubert, La Borda d'Erts, La Borda de l'Avi, la Borda del Tremat, la Borda Vella, and more.

Restaurants where to eat well in Andorra

Great restaurants

In Andorra you will find excellent restaurants which, despite not being bordes, also offer an extensive menu of delectable Andorran cuisine. Examples include: the Taberna de Pal, the Ca la Lydia Restaurant, La Cort de Popaire, the Mínims Restaurant, the Celler del Toni, Can Manel, and more.

Top chefs in Andorra

If gastronomy is your greatest passion, be sure to visit some of the restaurants of the country's great chefs: Francis Paniego (at the helm of Ibaya, the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Andorra, located in the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa), Carles Finch (Can Manel), Dolors Pal (Borda Raubert) Marcel Besolí (Celler d'En Toni), Nandu Jubany (Diamant Espai Gastronòmic) and Josep María Kao (Kao Soldeu in Park Piolets MountainHotel & Spa).

Enotourism and High-Altitude Wines

It may seem impossible, but Andorra is a land of wines, made in extreme conditions. The 4 wineries in the country pamper the vines in their small vineyards located at an altitude of over 1,000 m, as part of a totally organic production process. The result: wines with character and personality, worthy of international awards. Casa Beal is a winery with its own vineyard, where the mountain wine Cim de Cel, one of the few wines produced in Andorra, is made. It is well worth taking a guided tour to enjoy the uniqueness of the landscape and see how a wine like this is made, which is far from the traditional production process. This winery is located in Nagol, in Sant Julià de Lòria, about 25 km from our hotel. 

Without leaving Park Piolets MountainHotel & Spa

Friends eating at Kao Soldeu restaurant

Kao Soldeu

Enjoy a journey into Chinese haute cuisine, with the signature gastronomy of the Kao family.

Moët & Chandon Terrace

Lounge Bar and Moët & Chandon Terrace

Snacks in an elegant and stylish atmosphere, around the fireplace and on comfortable sofas or cocktails and mixology to drink on the trendiest terrace in Soldeu.

Trattoria Soldeu by Andrea Tumbarello

Trattoria Soldeu by Andrea Tumbarello

From August 2024, a new cooking proposal with Italian cuisine specialities proposed by the great chef Andrea Tumbarello.