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Home Blog What to do in Andorra when it rains in summer?

What to do in Andorra when it rains in summer?

We tell you how to get the most out of bad weather when it rains in Andorra with 5 perfect anti-rain plans for summer storms.

We have explained you the thousand and one activities to do in Andorra to enjoy the mountains and the outdoors. But what happens when it rains in summer? Keep calm! We have a solution for everything and today we bring you five proposals to make in Andorra on a rainy day. Take note!

Every cloud has a silver lining
A good plan for all year (with sun, rain or even snow) is Caldea. Although it rains you can go outside and bathe in the outer lagoon, hot tubs, enjoy the jets and water beds. You just have to choose the spa that you prefer. Choose the Themoludic admission if you come with children or if just want to spend 3 hours in the center. You can also choose the 4-hour admission for Inúu, the adult-only spa. Enjoy the hot springs throughout the day since the schedule is very wide. Check the price of our offers with Caldea and hotel.

A rainy afternoon in the museum
Did you know that in Andorra we have a Thyssen museum? In its temporary exhibitions, which last about a year, you can admire the works of art of the Thyssen family’s private collection. If you want more, just in front you will find the CAEE that is free, and you can enjoy traveling exhibitions dedicated to a specific theme and Josep Viladomat’s sculptures, an artist who lived in the country with works scattered throughout the territory. From our reception, we will advise you and book your tickets.

Discover new activities
In the Palau de Gel d’Andorra, apart from ice-skating you can also try karts and organize a race with your children. Can you imagine a family activity while having a great time? Or if you prefer, you can pass the shower swimming in its indoor pool. 

Go on the road without the umbrella!
Another good option when it rains is to embark onto the tourist bus to learn more about the traditions and history of Andorra. You will be comfortably seated admiring the landscape and visiting places of interest, while the guide informs you and tell anecdotes and curiosities of the country. The bus offers different varied itineraries such as: the Romanesque, the traditional trades and many more ... Ask us at the reception: we will advise you and make the reservation for you.

Shopping by Andorra
And of course, one of the most characteristic activities of tourists, shopping. Make a shopping tour in the shopping centers and outlets to learn about new seasonal trends and make the latest sales purchases. Remember that here you will find many branded products with important price differences, since our taxes are not as high as those in Spain, France or the UK. So in addition to entertaining yourself, you will buy at a good price;)

As you can see, there is no need for good weather to enjoy Andorra. With these proposals, nothing (not even time) will prevent you from having a good holiday.

August 03, 2022