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Home Blog How much can I pass through the Customs?

How much can I pass through the Customs?

If you are visiting Andorra is very likely for you to buy something even if it’s not the main reason for your visit. Perfume, clothes, electronics, sports... 

Shopping in Andorra:
Visiting Andorra to buy something, still a classic among many of the people who cross our border throughout the year. The tax differential, much lower than in our neighboring countries, and the large commercial offering, makes shopping in our small country a major tourist attraction.

So even if you come to enjoy the snow in winter or the mountains in summer, it is very likely that you will be tempted to buy something in any of the more than 1,500 stores of the country, or decide to renew your ski material during the sales of the end of the season, or maybe even buy a next generation TV...

To don’t have problems while crossing the border, you must save the tickets of everything you buy, as they will serve as a proof of the price that you paid for it.
Andorra purchases are limited by the customs allowances: the limit of products that can cross the border back to your country without having to declare them (and therefore without having to pay anything).
Depending on the type of product you buy, the limits are based on quantities or economic value, and are provided for each adult traveling in the vehicle.

We detail below the most visited franchises:

Alcoholic drinks. The franchise depends on the alcohol content of the beverage. You can bring back 1.5L of spirit beverages over 22 degrees (or 3L of liquors under 22 degrees or sparkling wine) plus 5L of table wines. Persons under 17 years cannot buy this type of product.

Tobacco: 300 cigarettes or 150 cigars (of less than 3 g each) or 75 cigars (of more than 3 g each) or 400 g of pipe tobacco. In this case franchises are not cumulative and as for the alcohol, children under 17 are not allowed to spend any amount of money on them.

Perfumes: Up to 75 g of perfume and 375 ml of cologne

Other industrial products: In this case, the free passage of goods is allowed up to a value of 900 euros per person. Children under 15 years have a special regime that allows them to move products of a value of 450 euros.

A point to note is that franchises are not a cumulative value between travelers. For example, if we buy a TV of a value of €1,400, we would be exceeding the individual franchise of €900 in industrial products of one of the passengers (even if in the vehicle there is a couple with two children).

To have complete and updated information on how much you can buy in Andorra to pass the customs without problems, we recommend you to check the detailed product limits on the following link:

>> Customs Franchise Andorra

So if in your way back home you don’t want to surpass any of the limits given in the link, and always when personal use products are concerned, you are not obliged to declare anything in the Andorran Customs or any Community customs.

Have a good trip!


September 21, 2022