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Home Blog How to get to Andorra? You can't miss it

How to get to Andorra? You can't miss it

Whether you are traveling in your own car, or if you are going to take public transport, we tell you about all the available options.

You can get to Andorra by road through the Spanish border (via La Seu d'Urgell) or through the French one (via l'Hospitalet-près-l'Andorre and the Pas de la Casa). The natural thing is to take the entrance according to the country your are coming from although depending on the area of Spain or France where you are, it is possible that it suits you more to skip the rule and enter through the other border.

From Barcelona
If you are coming in your own car, you can take several routes. The fastest is usually the one that goes through the C16 and the Cadí Tunnel, although it is true that it is also the most expensive since you have to cross several tolls. If you choose this route, when arriving in Puigcerdà you will have the option to go to France, go through the La Tour de Carol and take the Port of Puymorens to reach Andorra through the French border. This alternative is very convenient if you come to Soldeu, since in only 3h20 it takes you from the center of Barcelona to our hotel. In case you want to go to the centre of Andorra, when arriving to Puigcerdà, you will continue your trip to the Seu d'Urgell and then take the N-145 towards Andorra.

Another possibility from Barcelona is to take the A2 to Cervera and then follow Ponts direction, and from there, on the C14, take the N-145 at La Seu d'Urgell. From the A2, you can choose to leave the fastroad before arriving to Cervera, at the height of Calaf, and from there, go to reach also Ponts. You can also drive by the C55, direction to Solsona, from where you will go to the C14 and from there to La Seu d'Urgell.

As you can see, there are many options but they all end up in La Seu d'Urgell and from there, only one way to Andorra ☺

If you have to come by public transport, from Barcelona you will find several companies that cover the bus journey with departures from the city center, Sants train station or El Prat airport (T1 and T2). You also have the option of private or shared taxis, a slightly more expensive option but much more comfortable and quick.

From Lleida
Lleida is the second important connection point for Andorra and the arrival point of the AVE train station from Madrid. It is also possible that you arrive to Lleida by plane, to the Lleida-Alguaire airport. By car, the classic route is to follow the C13 to Ponts and then, as we have seen, the C14 to La Seu d'Urgell.

You will find regular bus services from Lleida city, the Renfe train station or the airport to Andorra’s city centre and also shared taxis. The taxi service, as it happens with Barcelona taxi connection, is a slightly more expensive option but with the advantage of having a door-to-door service.

From Toulouse
From France one of the classic approaches is Toulouse. You can get there by plane or with the TGV, or by road if you come from Paris via the E9, from Bordeaux via the A62. From there, you have to take the N20 that will take you through picturesque landscapes to l'Hospitalet-près-L'Andorra and then take you to Andorra along the border of Pas de la Casa.

From any other corner of the world ...
Through Barcelona, Lleida or Toulouse, you can get to Andorra from anywhere in the world. If you come by plane from far away you will surely arrive to Barcelona, Lleida or Toulouse, although your flight may also land at smaller airports such as Reus or Gerona. Although it is now possible to land at La Seu d'Urgell airport with regular flights from Madrid, with the prospect of increasing the number of flights from other geographical points. Whatever your origin, Andorra has excellent road connections and regular or private collective transport services that will make it easier for you to get here. If you prefer, you can contact our reception team who will gladly indicate the best way to get to the doors of our hotel in Soldeu, or even organize a private transfer service for you so you do not have to worry about anything.

We are waiting for you!

October 05, 2022