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Home Blog Do you know what menairons are?

Do you know what menairons are?

Hiking with your family is a fun summer activity to discover the most unknown places in Andorra and also to learn about its legends and stories.

Like many other mountain places, Andorra has a myriad of legends and popular stories in which mythological beings come into action. Some are real, others with parts that have added a lot of imagination and some other are invented. Do you want to know ours?

The menairons are goblins that live in the Andorran forests and in the rest of the Pyrenean mountains. They are so small that they live inside a box of sewing needles. When you find one of these boxes, if you open the lid, all the menairons will come out, and they will not stop moving and repeating "what do we have to do?" "What do we have to say?" Until you give them a specific order. They love to work. When they finish a task, you have to give them another one or return them to their little house, because they are so unruly, that if you do not give them something else to do, when they have finished they get angry and undo everything. So you'll have to be very careful when you meet them and remember this simple rule. Otherwise, they are very nice, hardworking and fun!

A hiking trail to get to know the menairons
As we said at the beginning, the menairons live in the Andorran mountains, and you will find them in the forest (although it is not easy). For this, you just have to organize a trip to the mountain with the whole family and go out and look for them. While you are hiking, do not forget to enjoy the pleasures that nature gives us in summer. As the pleasant temperatures, stretching out in a green grass clearing, reach a lake and soak your feet in while you rest from the climb ... You can also admire the peaks and the mountain ranges, which form a majestic landscape. The more you go up, the closer you will get them. However, it is not necessary to climb any peak if you go with young children or if you simply want to be more relaxed, since the menairons are everywhere and on any path.

The Menairons forest in La Massana
Near the village of Pal in La Massana there is a route through the forest specially designed for children with games and activities. It is an interactive itinerary so that your children can discover nature and have a great time through play. As you stroll through the Menairons forest, you will find sculptures and other surprises integrated into nature that have been created with environmentally friendly materials by local artists. The tourist office will give you notebooks to follow the activities.

A night excursion to discover the stars
Although they can also be found at daylight, nighttime is the best moment. So take advantage of the moment and get ready for a night route where you can enjoy incredible views of the cloudless sky. The stars from here look perfectly fine, and you can play with your children to find the best known constellations.

From the hotel we can help you in the search for these tiny beings and plan the best route adapted to the level of all. Who knows ... you may be lucky and find a little box full of menaironsBook a room this summer at the Park Piolets hotel and enjoy the best hiking for the whole family.

August 17, 2022