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Home Blog Night-time hiking route to see the Perseids in Andorra

Night-time hiking route to see the Perseids in Andorra

The Andorran sky is ideal for a unique family experience during the nights of August. 

During the summer you can enjoy one of the most famous astronomical phenomena: the Perseids star shower. The best time to see it this year is between 10 and 13 August. If you want to see this spectacle of nature, the hotel offers a package with an organised night-time excursion with a guide and a night at the hotel, a 5-star experience that you will see in all its splendour from Andorra!

Enjoy a front row seat for the Perseids
A different activity has been prepared for you to experience a very special summer night. At Park Piolets, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable experience through our night excursion in the mountains, near the hotel, where you will enjoy the shooting star shower. The excursion starts at the guide's meeting point, where you will have to drive to in your own vehicle. You will walk along easy mountain trails until reaching the best spot to observe the Perseids, feeling the excitement and mystery that surrounds the mountains in the darkness. The smells of nature will intensify and you will witness the sounds of the night come alive as you witness the Perseids.

Your plan for August in Andorra
After this unforgettable experience, you'll return to the hotel for a peaceful night's sleep. You will wake up in a comfortable 5-star room, with all the comforts and, from the bed, you will be able to contemplate the impressive views of the surroundings of the hotel. To round off the experience, there is nothing better than a good breakfast in our buffet restaurant. Here you can choose what to eat to recharge your batteries and continue with all the activities that Andorra has to offer in summer.
Book now the package with hotel night and night outing to see the Perseids.

A unique experience in Andorra
Although it is an astronomical phenomenon that can be seen in July and August, this year the highlight will be from 10 to 13 August.
Bear in mind that the day is as important as the place you choose. Light pollution in big cities makes it difficult to see the star, so it is advisable to go to places with clear skies, such as small towns and mountain areas. High places are especially favourable. So the skies over Andorra are a good option to see the spectacle.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the best plan for August. Book now your 5* hotel night and night excursion to attend the star shower, we assure you that you will remember it for the rest of your life!

July 19, 2023