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Home Blog Spa with children: 3 reasons to don’t miss it

Spa with children: 3 reasons to don’t miss it

If you doubt about going to a spa with your family for a few hours, discover 3 powerful reasons that will encourage you to try this experience with your children.

At Piolets Park & Spa we want families to make the most of their holidays, sharing all kinds of activities with their children. That’s why, our spa has a specific schedule for them, during which children starting from birth can enter. 

Sharing a few hours of spa with your family is beneficial for everyone, especially for children, who will enjoy it like if they were fish in the water!

Together in the water: sharing moments
There is nothing better for a child than to have time to spend with their parents and sharing activities with them. The world of spa is very attractive to the young ones, as they discover a space where water is the protagonist. An indoor pool, an outdoor pool where you can feel the cool breeze of the mountains in the face, water jets that gently massage the back, jacuzzis with bubbles that tickle, sauna and hammam to sweat for a few seconds... A playful experience that will join you as a family and that they will remember as a very special moment when coming back home.

Goodbye stress!
Incredibly, children can also be stressed. School, after school activities, busy parents ... Even the youngest children have worries and feel stress to some extent. The water will help them relax. Floating, swimming, diving... freeing themselves from all their worries through the water.

Children massage: they will feel like Mom and Dad
The benefits of massage in children are an open secret. In fact, in some Eastern cultures it is a custom to give children a massage every day, starting at birth until they are six years old, to improve their defenses and strengthen their muscles. Through massage, the child will achieve a total relax while their body receives multiple benefits: blood circulation is stimulated, muscles are toned, their gastrointestinal and immune systems are activated, memory and learning processes are stimulated... And they will feel greater as they do "do things" like Mom and Dad!

Make the most of your family holidays and share with them activities that are hard to do together. A few hours of spa with your family will make you feel more united and peacefully sleep as you wait for the next visit to our spa. (Check family time here).

October 19, 2022