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The Romanesque in Andorra

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Discover the country’s most important Romanesque monuments

There are more than 50 Romanesque monuments to be found in Andorra, mainly churches and bridges. The monuments are characterised by small, simple structures made of stone and slate. The bell towers are built in the Lombard style with a square floor plan (except for the Church of Santa Coloma, which is circular), blind arches and geminated windows.

Of all the Romanesque monuments in Andorra, we suggest a selection of the ones we consider most important:


  • Sant Joan de Caselles (Canillo, 11th-12th century)
  • Sant Romà de Les Bons (Encamp, 11th-12th century)
  • Sant Miquel d’Engolasters (Escaldes-Engordany, 12th century)
  • Santa Coloma (Andorra la Vella, 9th-10th century), with video mapping that lets you see a reconstruction of the church’s original paintings. We highly recommended complementing your outing with a visit to the Espai Columba, where you can see a small sample of the church’s original frescoes.
  • Sant Climent de Pal (La Massana, 11th-12th century)
  • Sant Martí de la Cortinada (Ordino, 12th century)
  • Sant Cerni de Nagol (Sant Julià de Lòria, 11th century)


  • Pont de Sant Antoni de la Grella (La Massana)
  • Pont d'Engordany (Escaldes-Engordany)
  • Pont dels Escalls (Escaldes-Engordany)
  • Pont de la Margineda (Andorra la Vella)

If you’re passionate about Romanesque art, don't miss the Museum of Romanesque Art Models, located in Escaldes-Engordany. Here you can see 30 scale miniatures of the most outstanding Romanesque monuments in Andorra.

In summer, some of the country's Romanesque churches are open and provide a free guide service. A unique opportunity to get to know their history and interiors.

romanesque churches of andorra
romanesque art
sant miquel d'engolasters
museum of Romanesque Art Models
Santa Coloma Church
Església de Santa Coloma

One of the most iconic and unique pre-Romanesque churches in the country (the only one with a circular bell tower). Discover what the original frescoes looked like thanks to video mapping.

La Margineda Bridge
La Margineda Bridge

Visit the largest surviving medieval bridge in Andorra, located on the old royal road that ran from Sant Julià de Lòria to Andorra la Vella. 

Casa de la Vall
Casa de la Vall

Although it’s not a Romanesque monument (it was built in the 16th century), it’s still well worth a visit as it was the seat of the Andorran parliament from 1702 to 2011.