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A new edition of the most spectacular trail competition in Andorra is back, with 4 mountain races with different routes and distances.

The races start in Ordino:
Ultra 105K: a 105 kilometre course with a total elevation gain of 6900 metres, where only experts in mountain trail running will be able to run. Participants will cross the entire country, passing by lakes and peaks, such as Comapedrosa, the highest peak in Andorra at 2,942 metres above sea level. It starts on the 24th at 6am.
Trail 50K: a circuit of 50 kilometres and 3,600 metres of elevation gain, for experienced runners, who will run through the Casamanya and the Comapedrosa Natural Park. The race will take place on 24 June at 8am.
Trail 21K: mountain race of 21 kilometres and a total elevation gain of 1750 metres, for trail runners with an intermediate level who will reach the Casamanya Peak. It starts on 25 June at 9.30am.
Family 7.5K: and finally, the competition also includes an easier race suitable for beginners, with a 7.5 km circuit and a 500 m difference in altitude. It will take place on the 25th at 10am.

Registrations can be made on its website.