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Home 40ª OTSO Travessa d'Encamp 2023

The oldest Trail Running race in the Pyrenees is coming to the Andorran mountains on 2, 3 and 4 June. 

This year the Travessa d'Encamp is 40 years old, the first race was held in 1983. On this occasion there are 6 routes starting and finishing in Encamp, in the Plaça dels Arínsols.

7k: 7-kilometre race with a gradient of 467 metres, to be held on Sunday at 10 am. It is ideal for beginners and can be done on foot. Maximum time 4 hours.

12k: consists of a route of 12 km and 933 metres of elevation gain. It starts on Sunday at 9am and the maximum time is 5 hours. It is more difficult than the first one, especially in the first few metres which are uphill and reaches the Agols peak.

21k: this race requires a more technical level and is for runners with experience. It has a distance of 21 km. and 1522 m. of positive difference in altitude. The start is on Sunday 4 at 8 am, with a maximum time of 6 hours. One of the highlights is the Entinyola pass with views of the Ensagents lakes.

42k: this is a mountain marathon with 42 km and 3039 metres of elevation gain, starting on Saturday 3 June at 9am. It is a very technical route with a lot of slope that is only suitable for the most experienced mountain runners. The route passes through emblematic points such as the Pessons lakes to the Agols refuge and other lakes that form part of the Andorran geography. Maximum time 9 hours.

84k: this is the ultra-distance race of the Travessa d'Encamp. It is a route of 84 kilometres and 5048 metres of elevation gain, with a part of the race that takes place at night. The maximum time to complete it is 17 hours and it starts on Saturday 3 June at 5 am. The route is very demanding both physically and mentally and is aimed at very experienced mountain runners. The route passes through the Incles Valley, Pic Maià, Grau Roig, Montmalús lake and the Pessons hut to Agols and l'Illa hut.

For further information, see the organiser's website