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Home Blog Holistic massages and its benefits for you

Holistic massages and its benefits for you

Do you know what holistic massages are? To summarize hey are massages that work on your body as a whole to restore its natural balance.

Holistic massages are, for many people, a way to reach their optimal health potential owing to a significant improvement throughout the body.

The word "holistic" comes from the Greek "holos" which means "whole".

Beyond the physical symptoms
The purpose of holistic massages is to work on the whole person, and not only on the physical symptoms or problems he or she may be feeling. This fact implies that a holistic massage considers other factors such as psychology, nutrition and the environment. With holistic massages each person is treated according to their individual needs, so that the body can thus restore its own natural balance.

A combination of techniques in a single massage
During a holistic massage (which lasts about an hour), touch, movement and energy are used. But you can also use relaxation techniques with music and essential oils.

Benefits of holistic massage
As a result of its comprehensive approach, holistic massages provide multiple benefits among which we can highlight the following: an increase in energy and mental clarity, heightened concentration, posture improvement and muscle tension relief, better circulation, an improvement in the elasticity of the skin ... This list of advantages, which could be endless, also includes a strengthening of the immune system, an improvement in self-esteem and a higher quality of sleep.

Personal attention
The first time you receive a holistic massage, it is necessary to review together with the therapist your medical history, your family history, and your lifestyle. With this information, the therapist will adapt the massage and other treatments to obtain the best results for your particular case. In addition, after the massage, the therapist will advise you on other aspects of your day to day (stretching, nutrition, rhythm of life ...) to help you maintain the natural balance of your body.

In short, a holistic massage is a pleasant and simple way to keep the harmony of our body and mind. The inclusive approach of the massage on our body and establishing recommendations on external factors that are also important for the preservation of our internal balance, will ensure that you achieve multiple benefits beyond those provided at the time of treatment.

For more information about our treatments and massages, do not hesitate to contact our team of therapists.

November 16, 2022